Utilities and Infrastructure Project Services

We Take Pride in Our Work

Managed approximately 80 miles of in-service gas transmission strength tests valued at $75 million for PG&E

Served as portfolio leader with contract project managers on $170 million of services for 180 miles of strength tests for PG&E

Management of industry's largest customer outage with temporary gas support in support of multiple projects.

Supported base infrastructure maintenance and construction in the U.S., South Korea as an Air Force Officer, supported planning and maintenance for the Army in Baghdad as a contractor.

Implementation of gated Project Delivery System among multiple work types.

Experience with multiple states' and foreign governments in military and project environment.

Project managed an $85 million-dollar project portfolio

Led the largest natural gas transmission pipeline hydro-test in PG&E history

Designed an integrated bundling process that resulted in a 20% cost saving for the associated work-stream objects for client

Management of industry's largest customer outage with temporary gas support in support of multiple projects

Managed 33% of the Depart of Defense Special Operations specific contingency fund budget

Project managed a $112 million-dollar capital portfolio for new natural gas transmission pipeline

Developed process for PG&E's gas distribution New Business Application Installation directive

Ensured safe installation of over $30 million of PG&E's New Business gas distribution pipeline

Managed safe and timely tie-ins into PG&E's 45,000-mile distribution pipeline

Many infrastructure projects involve improvements along roadways and within the public right of way of the state highway system and regularly, multiple utility conflicts occur that need to be resolved prior to their construction. Our utility coordination services involve developing construction plans, establishing financial responsibilities, negotiating costs, and providing oversight for the execution of both the physical relocation of facilities and fulfillment of contractual obligations.

We are experts in projects that involve multiple utility owners and we provide the plans, project provisions, schedules, negotiation of potential conflict resolutions, assistance with the preparation and review of utility agreements, and also the oversight to ensure these conflicts are cleared ahead of a project’s letting.

These valuable services help keep infrastructure improvement projects on schedule and minimize opportunities for costly construction claims.

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