Utilities & Infrastructure Project Services

Utility Services

Sun Mountain has been providing utility coordination and relocation services to a variety of different government, utility and private entities around the United States. Our work includes determining prior rights, coordinating with private land owners, utility owners, engineers, municipalities, and counties.

Many utility coordination and relocation projects involve improvements along roadways and within the public right-of-way of the state highway system. Regularly, multiple utility conflicts occur that need to be resolved prior to their construction. Our utility coordination services involve developing construction plans, establishing financial responsibilities, negotiating costs, and providing oversight for the execution of both the physical relocation of facilities and fulfillment of contractual obligations.

At Sun Mountain, we pride ourselves in being experts in projects that involve multiple utility owners. We provide the plans, project provisions, schedules, negotiation of potential conflict resolutions, assistance with the preparation and review of utility agreements, and the oversight to ensure these conflicts are cleared ahead of a project’s letting.

Utility Coordination

  • Owner application to install processing - any utility operators
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) contracting
  • Utility drafting & Design - Stamped Plans
  • Gas & Electrical tie-in support
  • Utility relocations
  • Right of Way (RoW), Site Selection
  • Negotiate relocation(s) with utility owners

Other Utility Services

  • As-built Validation Process
  • Construction Management
  • Inspection, QA/QC
  • Professional and Field Services Infrastructure and Energy Projects

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