Utilities and Infrastructure Project Services

Meet Our Leaders


Mike Elmore

Mike Elmore, Sun Mountain’s CEO and Founder, is a former Air Force Civil Engineering Officer with a bachelors in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas and a masters in Engineering Management from the University of Alabama.

Mike has managed construction projects from civil and land development to vertical retail and office buildings. Since 2011, Mike has used his project management, controls, and construction experience to support PG&E’s Gas Operations major projects.

Mike has helped bring significant changes and successes to this dynamic project environment. His leadership capabilities, noted by senior executives, resulted in the opportunity to start his own firm and apply his broad experience to specific challenges.

From this beginning, he is organically growing Sun Mountain, focusing on the energy and civil infrastructure markets. His team shares his core values of integrity, effective communication and hard work.  

Ysi Rodriguez

Ysi Rodriguez

Ysi Rodriguez, Sun Mountain Senior Manager, has 23 years of construction experience in commercial, federal, civil/railroad, and residential projects. His positions have included foreman, construction manager, quality control, site safety, and project manager.   


He has been a construction manager for Montalbano Homes, Lennar Homes, CDI property system, and Omni Bank. His Project management experience has included projects with the US Air Force,  BNSF Railway, Union Pacific and most recently Sun Mountain LLC at PG&E where he leads the way supporting PG&E Gas Distribution's Pavement Restoration Program.


Ysi’s Construction management involvement has included new residential builds ranging from 1600SF track homes to 12,500SF custom properties, inner city property investments, bank-owned remodels and retail renovations. His Project Management experience has included Govt IDIQ projects, Design Build projects, Flight Line restoration, Dining Facility renovation, SCIF Office, Utility Research/Relocation, Land acquisition/research, and Gas Distribution. 


Ysi Rodriguez has spent 24 years in the USAF: 13yrs active/11yrs reserves. He has been stationed in Japan, Germany, Korea, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and California.



Moji Adefolaju

Moji Adefolaju, Sun Mountain’s business development/ marketing manager, identifies opportunities, coordinates, creates and develops sales and marketing drivers to maximize revenue.

Moji has managed in building long-term relationships in the energy industry for 7 years in Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and North America. With Major focus on researching prospective accounts in targeted markets, pursuing leads and follow through to a successful agreement, understanding the target markets, including industry, company, project, company contacts and market strategies for company growth.

She has an MBA with specialization in Oil and Gas Management from Coventry University, London Campus 2012.

Moji has been providing marketing and business development roles with Sun Mountain since 2018 by identifying new prospects and maintaining relationships with current clients within the Northern and southern California areas, while following the latest industry developments and staying up-to-date on corporate competitors and government legislatures.


Victor R. Baltazar, P.E

Victor R. Baltazar, P.E, Sun Mountain’s Senior Design Engineer. He is a professionally licensed Civil Engineer and brings expertise in traffic control plans, signing & striping plans, and traffic signal plans. Victor has worked on over 1,300 traffic control projects for over 50 public agencies all over northern and central California, and has engineered over 4,000 site-specific locations. Victor previously served as a sub-consultant to PG&E, where he supervised 3 full-time staff engineers exclusively on traffic control projects.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Transportation from the University of California, Irvine, 2012

He has been providing traffic control design services to PG&E and their contractors since 2013. Victor provides site-specific, professionally engineered traffic control plans for various gas pipeline projects. These projects include potholing, tree removal, gas pipe replacement, and gas pipe testing. Victor has gained a thorough understanding of many of the local agency’s traffic control preferences while assigned to this project. These agencies include the City of Sacramento, the City of Elk Grove, the City of Folsom, and Sacramento County. Additionally, Victor provided traffic signal modification plans and signing & striping plans as supplemental services while assigned to this project.

As lead Project Engineer, Victor created over 50 sheets of site-specific traffic control plans for a sewer pipe replacement project in downtown Sacramento. This project involved replacing over a mile length of sewer pipe via open trench. Victor coordinated with the infrastructure design team, the City of Sacramento, and Caltrans to determine the appropriate construction staging, detour routes, and pedestrian mitigation measures. Additionally, Victor provided traffic signal modification plans for traffic signals impacted by the contractor’s work.


Vaai V. Papalii

Vaai V. Papalii, Sun Mountain’s field engineer charged with field management of applicant install and unit price cost electric/gas distribution systems for pg&e. In accordance with standards and regulations, he works with inspectors, contractors, and developers to ensure safe installation and documentation of commercial and residential energy distribution systems. As a quality-focused, proficient and dependable professional, he offers excellent problem-solving and multi-tasking skills, first-rate customer service and cable installation abilities, hands-on building and remodeling talents, electrical competence and heavy equipment operating expertise with a strong work ethic. He is also a US Army reserve from 2011 to present.